Decca Ltd. was founded in 1973 as an architectural millwork company that has since evolved into a leading source of quality wood furniture. As our manufacturing capabilities have grown, the integrity of craft has remained a guiding principle. We honor our history of excellence and continue to hand select and match veneers, employ traditional construction techniques and hand finish each piece to bring out the full beauty of the wood.

Decca Contract, a division of Decca Ltd., devotes the attention to materials, workmanship and cabinetry detail in a way that few other manufacturers do. Decca Contract insists upon a level of craft that endows our furniture with an unmistakable look and feel of luxury. We strive to uphold the highest standards in everything we do, from concept to execution, from design drawings through product installation. We know how to build beautiful, precision-made furniture that truly fits our customers’ needs.

Blending tradition and technology, Decca’s custom capability is second to none, supported by an expert, in-house engineering group that allows us to fulfill virtually any aesthetic or functional design specification. We offer a level of customization and quality that cannot be achieved by using mass-produced components. At the same time, vertical integration and control of all aspects of manufacturing reduces inefficiencies and costs. Thus, our furniture offers exceptional and lasting value.

Built on the principles of quality, service and responsibility, Decca also has a long-standing tradition of caring for our people and our natural environment. We do our best to provide a safe and healthful workplace, to promote sustainable business practices, preserve natural resources and safeguard natural habitats and communities. In all aspects of our business, we make every effort to use water, energy and forest products responsibly. GreenGuard certification of all Decca Contract casegoods offers evidence of our commitment to greener, healthier environments.

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